Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A little scoop of my Wednesday look

Hi EveryoneJ
How are you? I hope you are having a good week so far! For me it’s not the star one as I’ve been overwhelmed by work, as usual, hence no time for keeping my blog up to date! Anyway I won’t give up on it as it would mean I am giving up on you my lovely readers. I'll do my best to keep in touch with you guysJ
The photos below were taken this morning before I left for work so to keep you in the loop. A few words about the look:
It’s important for me to keep my ‘office’ style in a little bit classic and comfy tone because often I’m on the run between meetings and my office.
 I often struggle to find the perfect pair of trousers to suit every occasion. The one I was wearing today is from Zara and I really like this a bit boyish cut. They have the perfect length of legs and they come slightly higher above the waist! I’ve matched them with an oversized jumper to keep me warm and ‘hanged on’  the trench coat over the shoulders to feel and to make the whole look more unofficial.  Hope you like it!

Take care!

Trench: Whistles; Trousers & bag: Zara; Jumper , bracelet, belt & scarf: H&M; heart necklace: Dorothy Perkins; booties: Office

Sunday, 16 October 2011


I am currently busy working on one of my very special events ! In a few weeks time I am flying to Edinburgh in Scotland to organize a fancy ball for around 350 people and all will be followed by an auction lots worth thousands of pounds. Believe it or not but it takes almost 9 months of hard work to organize such an event as there is a lot to think of and the audience is VERY demanding!
It’s a high profile event and there is very strict dress code to follow. Black and smart is the code! And although there is still plenty of time to this event I am being rather impatient and that’s why I began playing with all my little black dresses even today. I also have to make sure that I am not only  going to look good there but I must dress smart  to not disrespect all the people of good will who make generous donations and who also paid hundreds of pounds for the table at the event to help us raise even more vital funds for the charity  and at the same time for all the children who need us!
Yes, my Dears this is going to be a Showtime J and I promise to post a few pics from the event itself after it happens to give you the feeling of what it all is about. And today please have a little taster of what is my thought of the dress for this special day!

Dress: French Connection; Blazer: Banana Republic; Shoes & pearls: Topshop

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Keeping warm

Hi guys, hope you are having great weekend! Mine is a very lazy again and well deserved after another terribly busy week.
It’s quite busy time in my life at that moment and so much is going on that I struggle to keep my blog up to date and post regularly but I promised to stay in touch with you guys at least once a week and of course I will be reading my favorite blogs and stay in touch with my regular readers.
I’ve made the decision to devote most of my time to couple of projects and my work and it very often take my weekends time as well. I therefore need to prioritized the most important things for me and stick to it and my job career is one of themJ. I believe that you are with me on this one and that you will understand me J 
Anyway, the outfit I’m showing you today is rather casual and as you’ve noticed, if you follow my blog, this is the style I feel most comfortable in. This look is simple and  plain and I don’t feel it needs explaining. It’s the kind of outfit you can put at any day of autumn  and you cannot go wrong wearing it at this time of year.

Shirt & jumper: Gap; Skirt & belt: Whistles; tights: M&S; necklace: Dorothy Perkins; shoes: Converse.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Show me your bag...

…and I will tell who you are ;)
This morning when I was switching my bags I noticed how many things I’m carrying with me in there every day . On my way to work I was discretely looking at the other women’s bags, hoping that I will see what they have inside. I know that it may sound creepy, but this is my pure curiosity-I’d love to know what other girls carry in their bags or a makeup bags-what kind of cosmetics or what book they read now and actually I have no idea what I need these information for but it could be kind of exciting to see how similar or how different we are judging by the content of our bags.
Although I didn't manage to make others bags transparent (don't have the fairy skills yet;)) I got this idea to share with you what's inside of mine.
The first thing I have to say is that my bag is rather heavy one and sometimes I feel like it's build of metal than leather.
The bag on my pictures comes from Mulberry and is my favorite one. I just love the simplicity of the cut, the softness of the leather and the overall look of it.

And here is the stuff it's usually packed with…
-book or two-at the moment I’m going through reading of Franz Kafka novels
-always a bottle of mineral water

-fruit-preferably banana or apple or something I don't have to peel off

-perfumes: I try to carefully choose the scent I’m wearing on me and it always depends on the weather outside, the season, time of the day or my mood. But because the weather here in London is so unpredictable I always have something for almost any occasion- just in case.

-ballet pumps (from Zara this time)-  I very often, literally, run from one part of London to another and wearing the heels isn't always the best choice to move swiftly  

-Mulberry cotton bag-for my shoes as I would never put my dirty shoes into my bag between the rest of the things, especially food

-purse-with hardly any cash inside, just a few coppers haha as I don’t like to carry too much cash on me, I am fan of plastic cards. In London you can pay by card for pretty much anything, everywhere and any amount free of charge, even if it is a bread roll for 37 pence or so J
-umbrella-always! This is 'must have' item if you live in UK. I used to carry sun glasses as well which is another of these 'must have' things here in London but as I don't wear lenses anymore I didn't think shades are particularly handy item for me
-paper tissues and painkillers :)

-cotton shopping bag-I don’t like plastic bags as I’m one of the eco friendly ones! The big plus is that normally cotton bags are strong and solid so you can pack them with tones of stuff. And I've got them free in any number from the shoppers and the suppliers at the venues

-calculator-always in my bag as I have to keep an eye on the numbers when it comes to the cash for Kids

 -house keys attached to my Event keyring
-glasses  cover box
-couple of memory sticks-for backing up some of the important documents
-my office pass
-pocket calendar
-mentos 'The freshmaker' drops ;) 
-couple of pens
-3 different lip balms-I’m obsessed with lip balms
-travel card
-make up bag-with a few necessary cosmetics, like Laura Mercier pressed powder, Bodyshop mascara, 2 lipsticks-red and melon one, eye roll cream and Vaseline
-2 mobiles/BlackBerry- one for work the other for my private use
Summing up, my bag says that I must be a bit disorganized, well prepared for any occasion, predictable although spontaneous and maybe a little bit trendy hard working lady in her 20s ;)!

And now I'm sure you can guess what I am going to ask you about!

What 's in your bag Dears???
Have a great rest of the week, xxx