Thursday, 25 August 2011

Orange & apples

Hammersmith bridge behind me

Hello again
Quick update. Wednesday outdoor photoshoot! I am exploring London and the areas near the place I live and take advantage of the sunny day. Together with my canon we went for a short, pleasant walk along the other side of the river. Nice place near the Hammersmith bridge with whole lot of different river cafes. I couldn't resist and went to one of them for a quick drink. It's quite rare for me to have time out of work in the middle of the week. So I took the advantage of this moment and sipping my mochito  I sat down near the bank to admire the viewJ. Days like this remind me of how much I love this city where you don't even have to travel far to change scenery from very busy in to the very quiet one.
Few words about my outfit:
Chic, colorful, bright , and very casual. That’s the look for sunny, warm days. Wasn’t sure at first how the shirt with little black&red apples pattern will go with the plain orange skirt but as It happened it worked together rather well. Plastic chain on my neck looks rather heavy but the yellow/mustard colour of it and the shirts busy pattern helped to reduce the visual impact it would make on my whole outfit if it was more exposed and had nothing to distract from its size and the shape.
On the whole I felt very comfortable and confident dressed like on the photos here.
All comments –positive or more constructive- always welcomed!
To the next one!

Skirt: Zara; Shirt: Mango; Necklace: Topshop; flats: Zara


  1. Cute look. Love the shirt and the mustard chain necklace.


  2. Love this preppy yet not too serious look! So glad to stumble upon your blog.

    Hope you have a great weekend. ;)


  3. I really love your Zara skirt! The color is soo pretty! such a cute outfit!

  4. Orange is having a huge moment today, the last four blogs I've visited have feature organge. I just did a post called Blue and Orange.

    Liv @

  5. Thank you lovely readers:) xoxox

  6. I miss London SO much! Always a pleasure to find a London fashion blog. Cute style.

  7. What a sweet blog you got here :) I love it :)

    If you want, you can check out mine, I always follow back :)



  8. Pretty outfit!! your necklace is crazy!! love it!

  9. Thank you very much lovely girls for all your comments-appreciate that! xxx

  10. hey! amazing blog!
    follow you right now!
    hope you follow me back!

  11. Great look,hon!Love the skirt and the top!

  12. You look like a little girl :) It's probably the hairstyle - yummmyy :)


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