Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Looking for fashion inspirations in Bath, part 2

Hi Darlings,
Hope you are having a good week so far!
Today I would like to show you more pictures from my visit to Fashion Museum in Bath. I feel inspired by all the outfits I saw over the last weekend and can’t wait to use all the information I brought with me from the museum at my own fashion show next year!
a dress from the movie 'The Dutchess' worn by Keira Knightley

2010/2011-mix of high street with designer pieces: Chanel jacket, Mulberry bag match with Gap pants and shirt

 Top shop
Versace dress worn by Jennifer Lopez; next Marni 2010

Salvatore Ferragamo shoes from 1950

...and me:) I'm wearing: jeans: FCUK; Blouse: Zara; Blazer: Uniqlo; necklace and shoes: Topshop; watch: Armani; bag: Mulberry


  1. you look lovely in those pics


  2. Absolutely amazing!Love the pics!

  3. thank you lovely girls! xoxox

  4. Hi Wiola! What a beautiful museum! Must be so exciting to see all those dresses! I'm going to study graphic design and fashion marketing! Wish me luck! :-) xoxoxoo

  5. Loved the town of Bath when I went! These pictures are great! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Definately come visit again :)


  6. love these pictures! oh how i love museums

  7. Thank you very much Dears! xoxox

  8. Love the pictures! Those Salvatore Ferragamo shoes could pass for Fall 2011 shoes. Just classic.

    BTW with regards to my handbag post, i am also hinting for a vintage Chanel flap bag. Let me know if you know a place :)


  9. Thank you Patience! Well I've seen the flap bags in Chanel store but this is not this same bag as years ago. I'm checking second hand designers stores but no luck so far:/ xoxox


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