Sunday, 7 August 2011

Looking for fashion inspirations in Bath; part 1

What’s up my dear friends?
It always feels like every weekend ends before even properly starts. This one was or rather still is short but quite exciting at the same time!
I had fantastic time and feel rather pleasantly relaxed and charged for my usual busy week.
Yesterday we escaped London and went to historically and also architecturally interesting town, Bath in Somerset.  I’ve heard a lot about this wonderful place but somehow I have never had an occasion to be there before. Anyway, not until yesterday. Actually the idea of visiting this magnificent place has been triggered by the document I saw on BBC about the ‘places in UK you must see before you die’.
There is lots to say about this place but to keep it short I will say : amazing-people, fantastic atmosphere,  architecture, lots of corky little streets packed with vintage boutiques and selection of the restaurants with delicious food on the budget. And to add to all that you must not miss The Fashion Museum with rather interesting displays or The American Museum with small but eye-catching exhibition dedicated to Marilyn Monroe.
Today I would like to show you only a little teaser with few shots from the Fashion Museum. Personally I think this place is very unique with all displayed outfits taking you through the history of fashion spanned across a few centuries. I particularly loved the section telling  the history of the wedding dress and how the use of texture  and fabric developed over almost two centuries since the first wedding dress was crafted. I already plan my next trip there and this time there is no way I’m gonna miss the body relaxation treatment their bath-spa has to offerJ.

original wedding photography with a very happy story behind

wedding dress by Alexander McQueen 2010-fabulous! and amazing feeling

last dress in the museums display-the time when it was produced is unknown but most likely it dates to the 18th century


  1. Great pictures! so cool to get a small history lesson on the wedding dress! bet it was a great experience!

  2. Great casual look,hon!Love the pics!

  3. Thank you my Dears for your lovely comments! In return I will always leave something on your websites:) xoxo

  4. Beautiful art. Love it.

    Thanks for the sweet msg. I am following you on Bloglovin. Follow me back on Bloglovin also?


  5. thank you Dear, I will follow you on blogovin as well!xoxox

  6. Thanks dear for your comment in my blog! The clutch a got in etsy from the store curly in the city.I would die to go back to London. I tried to get into museums on Monday and some of them were close! :(



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