Wednesday, 17 August 2011

It’s all about COFFEE!

                                              This picture made me laugh :)

Hi My lovely Friends! How is your week so far?
It’s only a middle of the week and I feel a bit exhausted. This morning I just couldn’t wake up and get out of bed. Do you find it difficult as well to wake up early in the morning?
 I have to say that my day starts quite early -6am! I don’t have time to have a breakfast but I could not leave the house without having a coffee before. I would just fall asleep on the train and sometimes I’m even taking my portable coffee mug with me.
This morning when I was drinking my coffee I thought about different variations of having it. Latte, black one, white, macchiato or espresso e.t.c. And I was very curious how other people like to have their coffee? I’d like mine not too strong, flat and white. If I’m ordering a take away or stay in at the coffee shop I usually ask for latte with double shot or cappuccino or Americano with a cold milk on the side.
My favorite coffee shop is Starbucks even though many people don’t like it here or prefer independent, small coffee shops instead of big chains. For me Starbucks ‘knows’ how to make my favorite drinkJ
 I tried Costa and Nero Café but there was always something wrong-I think I just don’t like the beans of coffee they are using?!
How about you guys? What’s your favorite coffee and brand?
My cup of coffee at work :)


  1. I am not really a coffee person, but Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha is my guilty pleasure

  2. Haha...great post!I never drink coffee, but I love its scent!

  3. hahaha, love this coffee sign. so fun.

  4. I only drink coffee in winter and Starbucks is my go to place. In summer, the Coconut Frapucinno Cream based is my drink. So obsessed with it!
    xOxO, Patience

  5. Thank you Dears,I've heard that I should gave up my coffee but I can't imagine my day without it:) xoxox

  6. i love coffee, i agree with you


  7. I have a mocha, which my boyfriend calls "fake" coffee hahah!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    cherry ripe time

  8. I love latte and caramel. Oh, and macchiatto. And just like you, Starbucks is my favourite place to get coffee <3


  9. Thank you very much My Dear Friends! Love, xoxox


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