Friday, 5 August 2011

Give me…the weekend :)

Hi Darlings,
Hope you had great week. Mine was very busy and very intensive, hence I didn’t have time to do anything else after work! Life in London can be demanding sometimes and almost everyone is working long hours. Anyway I believe in my own ability and as long as I’m passionate about my job I know that I’m going to be okJ I just need to re-charge my batteries. So here we have another weekend and together with my fiancé we are planning a short trip to Bath. I will show you some photos afterwards. I’ve heard a lot about this beautiful town and just can’t wait to escape at least for a few hours away from London!
I also did some very small shopping this afternoon. After my meeting in the City I popped into Zara and ohhh my God-I just fell in love with the upcoming fall/winter collection. Have you seen something already dears? Tell me what you think?
I felt like I wanted to buy every single item! And you know what-I think I’m ready for autumn and adapting this season trends. As you probably noticed this would be a time of green, mustard, black and white shades and all about simplicity! I just love it! I bought 2 tops from Zara-green shirt which  I can easy match with smart or casual pants and white top/t-shirt with very cute cuts around neck and sleeves. See the small teaser below and I will add on more pics at this weekend. I do apologize for not updating my blog enough but I will try to work on it and do my best to keep you informedJ
Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to hearing from you soonJ XXXX

look at the cute cuts sweeties :)

my firts green top will be a perfect match for my gold necklace

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