Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Hello my trendy flowersJ!

I hope you are all fine wherever you are right now! It makes me feel really happy to know that another weekend is almost here. We had one day longer last weekend here in UK so I began my week yesterday but already am longing for the next one. Although I enjoy working and being active over the week time, the weekends are pretty much the only time I can work on my blog or do other more entertaining things. BDW my last weekend did last 4 days as I took Friday off to go out and do a little bit of shopping. I tend to treat myself this way from time to time;)! Just me and all the London shops! So as I'm feeling great today and as the weekend approaches I'm in a spirit for a quick update and the small photo-session! The great feedback I have received after my last post makes me even more motivated to do this update.

The photos here do express my mood today. Can't really explain that but sometime I feel like I only want to dress black and this color surprisingly makes me want to laugh and another time I feel like the day is going to be colorful so I usually put on something more vibrant. But coming back to the topic-today I feel 'stripes-like'. I've found this long forgotten high heels I purchased last year from Top Shop and right away I started putting them together with other pieces! I laughed as soon as I saw them because of so many nice memories attached to them. I got myself this head-basic stripe top last Friday so I thought I'll try to combine it all together. The idea of skinny jeans and the leather jacket came next. I think the outfit works great if you are planning or have rather unplanned informal meeting with friends. Casual look but still respecting the people you meet. I very often dress like that for work and usually have rather positive feedback  from colleaguesJ
Add a few bits and bobs of accessories and you’ve got the outfit for almost any informal occasion of any day of the week.

Oh, almost forgot! I saw, this morning, the forecast for coming weekend and it all looks promising so far so hopefully there will be more chance to play with my camera and show you more outdoor photos but as you already know the weather here plays tricks and is rather moody so I'm not promising you anything and please don’t quote me on this when it all won't go according to the planJ

Have a great rest of the week and I speak to you soon!

Jeans and heels: Topshop; Top, belt & necklace: H&M; Leather jacket & bag: Mango

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The touch of autumn

Hi my lovely bloggers!
Hope you all have relaxing weekend so far!
It feels like the autumn is shyly hiding behind the doorstep and impatiently waits to get in to the British Islands. Actually, we are experiencing the more unpleasant side of autumn here in London this weekend. Lots of chilli  winds and completely crazy mixture of rain and sunshine.  As I wasn’t sure when there will again be more suitable weather to take some outdoor pics, as soon as I spotted the tiniest sunbeam getting its way through those thick clouds I instantly grabbed my camera and run like mad to take at least a few of those priceless photographs.
To match this weekend weather and also to keep myself warm from constantly blowing wind I decided to go for something more adequate this time and put on my new comfy light brown/walnut ankle boots (just to let you know-they also come in black!). Heavy knitwear cardigan in brown here also does the job and protects from the cold rather efficiently. I reckon that black leggings are great addition to all that and all together create rather interesting package. The boots look also great with any kind of jeans (preferably skinny ones) but I did try them with a couple of long skirts and minis and I must tell you these boots are universal and can be matched with pretty much anything. I will try to match them with other items next time and show you a few pics to prove what I said above.
 So if you are up for boots for this autumn you can’t go wrong with these ones! I promise youJ!

Cardigan and leggings: Zara; T-shirt: Gap; Boots: Mango; Pearls: Topshop & golden necklace: H&M; Watch: Armani; Bracelet: W.Kruk (gifted)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Orange & apples

Hammersmith bridge behind me

Hello again
Quick update. Wednesday outdoor photoshoot! I am exploring London and the areas near the place I live and take advantage of the sunny day. Together with my canon we went for a short, pleasant walk along the other side of the river. Nice place near the Hammersmith bridge with whole lot of different river cafes. I couldn't resist and went to one of them for a quick drink. It's quite rare for me to have time out of work in the middle of the week. So I took the advantage of this moment and sipping my mochito  I sat down near the bank to admire the viewJ. Days like this remind me of how much I love this city where you don't even have to travel far to change scenery from very busy in to the very quiet one.
Few words about my outfit:
Chic, colorful, bright , and very casual. That’s the look for sunny, warm days. Wasn’t sure at first how the shirt with little black&red apples pattern will go with the plain orange skirt but as It happened it worked together rather well. Plastic chain on my neck looks rather heavy but the yellow/mustard colour of it and the shirts busy pattern helped to reduce the visual impact it would make on my whole outfit if it was more exposed and had nothing to distract from its size and the shape.
On the whole I felt very comfortable and confident dressed like on the photos here.
All comments –positive or more constructive- always welcomed!
To the next one!

Skirt: Zara; Shirt: Mango; Necklace: Topshop; flats: Zara

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Longing for beloved Greece!

Corfu Town
Hello Guys!
Want to show you another of my culinary experiment! This time the dish comes from Greece. Went there 2 years ago with my other half and Corfu was the place we stayed in. Beautiful little island sitting on the west coast of Greece. Ideal spot for a short romantic escape from crowded capital city. Roughly two and a half hours flight from London!
It was actually one of many mysterious trips my boyfriend takes me almost every year to….Ups…!!?? I shall say my Fiancée of course! Can’t quite used to it yet ;)! So if you fancy small taster of Greece-Corfu is definitely the place you should aim to. But it’s one of the dishes I have tried there I want to show you how to cook which particularly tickled my taste buds. The dish is called Stifado and it is kind of full of flavor oven cooked beef in thick delicious sauce. And again Corfu is the place you should go to try it at its best. If you‘ve tried it already then you know exactly what I’m saying here about but if not that’s one of these dishes you must try before you die;).
The dish cooks itself by itself pretty much for most of the time. You only have to spend bit of time preparing and putting all the ingredients together. But it’s definitely worth the time and the effort.
All right! Enough talking! Here, below is the quick recipe! Hope you will enjoy this dish as much as I do every time I have it.
·         1kg lean beef-cubed
·         500g baby shallot onions-peeled
·         1 large onion chopped
·         1 large juicy tomato -chopped
·         2 tsp of tomato puree
·         1/2 nutmeg crushed (put it into the bag or fabric and keep smashing it with a rolling pin)
·         2 cinnamon sticks
·         4 garlic cloves-finely chopped
·         1 vegetable stock cube
·         rosemary spring or two
·         5 bay leaves
·         1 small wineglass of extra- virgin olive oil
·         1 glass of red or white wine
·         2 tbsp of vinegar
·         freshly ground black pepper and salt
How to make it:
1. Add the beef to a large frying pan or casserole dish. Place on a high heat, stirring occasionally until meat is sealed
2.Add the olive oil, chopped onions and garlic. Continue cooking on a high heat, until the onions have turned soft (About 5 minutes should do)
3.  Add wine and vinegar, leave on heat but covered for another 5 mins.
4.  Next add nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, rosemary, stock cube and a good pinch of black pepper. Keep stirring while the ingredients blend, on a moderate heat. Add salt to taste.
5.  Keep heating while adding the chopped tomatoes and tomato puree.
6. Turn out into casserole dish, with lid. Add about 1 litre of hot water so as to cover the meat. Cook in the  oven until the meat is nearly cooked- about 1 hour.
7.  While waiting, peel the baby shallot onions, wash them and shallow fry them in a little olive oil, until soft, not letting them burn.
8.  Add the shallots (but not the oil) to the simmering meat and leave in the oven until the meat is thoroughly cooked (soft and tender)-at least another hour-add water if needed (don't let it dry out), so that you end  up with a rich thick sauce.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Maxi black

Hi My lovely bloggers!
How are you and how is the weather in the place you currently are blogging from?
Well, I must say I’m not too pleased with the weather here in London. Yesterday, I decided to dust off my long forgotten maxi dress. Believe it or not but there is hardly any summer here in UK this year and all my summer clothes are all pretty much covered by dust! Because of today unpredictable economy I rather tend to carefully choose the kind of clothing I buy and the weather is also the factor I usually consider before deciding on the things I buy to wear.  But because of completely unpredictable weather here sometimes I feel like buying skirts, shorts and dresses is a bit futile as there is hardly the right time to wear it. After all these years of living here I learnt one thing-never go out there without two absolutely necessary things- sunglasses and umbrella! You can be sure to use them one time or another as the weather here fluctuates like women’s mood;).
Yesterday was one of those many days that begin with a beautiful sunshine that lasts for maximum 3 hours and after that it keeps raining for most of the afternoon just to get sunny again in the evening! Oh, what a day! Anyway, predictably I decided to take a few shots in the morning at the back garden and here they all areJ
I bought this dress last year and didn’t quite have too many occasions to wear it ( or maybe I simply forgot that I have it because it is constantly raining here), so when I woke up on Saturday morning I just had that picture in my head: maxi dress with flats-all very light despite of black color dullness. Nice contrast with the surrounding greenery of garden plants and with the warm tones of the sun light. The dress goes as well with the heels as with the flats. Actually, unless you lift it up you won’t see shoes at all so no worries here. You can easily go barefoot if you like;) and no one will notice!

Dress: River Island; Cardigan: French Connection; Flats: Topshop; Bracelets: H&M and Apart

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

It’s all about COFFEE!

                                              This picture made me laugh :)

Hi My lovely Friends! How is your week so far?
It’s only a middle of the week and I feel a bit exhausted. This morning I just couldn’t wake up and get out of bed. Do you find it difficult as well to wake up early in the morning?
 I have to say that my day starts quite early -6am! I don’t have time to have a breakfast but I could not leave the house without having a coffee before. I would just fall asleep on the train and sometimes I’m even taking my portable coffee mug with me.
This morning when I was drinking my coffee I thought about different variations of having it. Latte, black one, white, macchiato or espresso e.t.c. And I was very curious how other people like to have their coffee? I’d like mine not too strong, flat and white. If I’m ordering a take away or stay in at the coffee shop I usually ask for latte with double shot or cappuccino or Americano with a cold milk on the side.
My favorite coffee shop is Starbucks even though many people don’t like it here or prefer independent, small coffee shops instead of big chains. For me Starbucks ‘knows’ how to make my favorite drinkJ
 I tried Costa and Nero Café but there was always something wrong-I think I just don’t like the beans of coffee they are using?!
How about you guys? What’s your favorite coffee and brand?
My cup of coffee at work :)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Taking things easy at the weekend!

Hi Lovely Friends!
This weekend I decided to take it a bit easy and stayed at home. I’m exhausted after running from meeting to meeting all week long in the crowded, full of tourists central London.  Taking the opportunity of staying at home the whole weekend, which doesn’t happen very often, I went through my wardrobe and did a massive cleanup there. Generally the whole place needed  bit of refreshment . This helped me to get my head around the things I’m gonna need the following season. It includes couple of new shirts for work, a pair or two pairs of boots, a jumper maybe and certainly a few more items but it’s not decided yet. And I keep on dreaming about this georgous shopper bag which I don’t think I can afford just yet (if my fiancé is reading this-yes Honey I mean this adorable Chloe bag you are going to buy me very soon!!!). Looks like we also  need a few necessary things to our home; new pillows, sofa blankets, bathroom cabinet and more bookshelves as I already run out of space for all this books I am consuming so quickly when commuting! All boring stuff but let’s be honest-unavoidable!
And again, as usual, I managed to drag my beloved one out of our flat for a pleasant Sunday walk! It becomes relaxing habit for two of us! Hope you’d like my todays outfit. I went for a simplicity; camel pants, white basic top and a pair of convers to all that. Comfort after all ;)! xoxox

 Pants: Mango; Top: River Island; Shoes: convers; Bag: Mulberry; Necklace: H&M

Sunday chills :)

Hi Lovely Bugs,
While I’m working on my new post just wanted to share with you this beautiful song. A perfect lyric for a Sunday afternoon…J xoxo

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Looking for fashion inspirations in Bath, part 2

Hi Darlings,
Hope you are having a good week so far!
Today I would like to show you more pictures from my visit to Fashion Museum in Bath. I feel inspired by all the outfits I saw over the last weekend and can’t wait to use all the information I brought with me from the museum at my own fashion show next year!
a dress from the movie 'The Dutchess' worn by Keira Knightley

2010/2011-mix of high street with designer pieces: Chanel jacket, Mulberry bag match with Gap pants and shirt

 Top shop
Versace dress worn by Jennifer Lopez; next Marni 2010

Salvatore Ferragamo shoes from 1950

...and me:) I'm wearing: jeans: FCUK; Blouse: Zara; Blazer: Uniqlo; necklace and shoes: Topshop; watch: Armani; bag: Mulberry

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Looking for fashion inspirations in Bath; part 1

What’s up my dear friends?
It always feels like every weekend ends before even properly starts. This one was or rather still is short but quite exciting at the same time!
I had fantastic time and feel rather pleasantly relaxed and charged for my usual busy week.
Yesterday we escaped London and went to historically and also architecturally interesting town, Bath in Somerset.  I’ve heard a lot about this wonderful place but somehow I have never had an occasion to be there before. Anyway, not until yesterday. Actually the idea of visiting this magnificent place has been triggered by the document I saw on BBC about the ‘places in UK you must see before you die’.
There is lots to say about this place but to keep it short I will say : amazing-people, fantastic atmosphere,  architecture, lots of corky little streets packed with vintage boutiques and selection of the restaurants with delicious food on the budget. And to add to all that you must not miss The Fashion Museum with rather interesting displays or The American Museum with small but eye-catching exhibition dedicated to Marilyn Monroe.
Today I would like to show you only a little teaser with few shots from the Fashion Museum. Personally I think this place is very unique with all displayed outfits taking you through the history of fashion spanned across a few centuries. I particularly loved the section telling  the history of the wedding dress and how the use of texture  and fabric developed over almost two centuries since the first wedding dress was crafted. I already plan my next trip there and this time there is no way I’m gonna miss the body relaxation treatment their bath-spa has to offerJ.

original wedding photography with a very happy story behind

wedding dress by Alexander McQueen 2010-fabulous! and amazing feeling

last dress in the museums display-the time when it was produced is unknown but most likely it dates to the 18th century