Sunday, 17 July 2011

Style Icons-my favorite look!

Olivia Palermo
Hi Girls,
How are you today? I am enjoying my lazy weekend and came up with the idea of showing you a few pictures of my favorite celebrities that I frequently keep an eye on to get an inspiration to dress myself up! Some of the outfits are rather basic, other maybe bit smarter but each of them has got something to offer,I think. Anyway there is always something there to catch my attention. I feel sometime like they (celebrities) do copy my outfits from time to time.Just kidding;).But it's quite obvious that they take inspiration from us girls as much as we do from them. Anyway I can’t wait to put together the look of Olivia Palermo (1st picture) or Maja (4th picture) but in my own way.I will certainly add bit here or bit there to make it more complete;). I really like Whitney Port as a person and it's so nice that her outfits usually match her personality. The cardigan she wears on the photo here comes from her new collection.That's the one I would go for if I could only afford it. I love to watch all these celeb-girls and the way they dress up for different occasions. Always something there to help to put our outfits together.
By the way, who does inspire you guys or who do you consider the style icon?

Maja Sablewska
Whitney Port-

Anja Rubik

Pictures source: Google


  1. Hi Wiola! I love these pictures of Olivia Palermo! She's such a pretty girl and definitely has a great eye for style! I usually look at models, fashion editors and bloggers for my inspiration as I feel like they put more effort into their outfits. I was surprised that UK doesn't have corn's a very popular snack in America! When I first moved to the US, it was something I discovered at the mall and I love it since then! Fish and Chips is something I always ordered at the restaurant too :-) xoxoo

  2. I love Olivia and Anja!They are absolutely amazing!

  3. Thank you girls for your comments:)

  4. Hi Wiola! How was your weekend?! Hope it's going well! I've been single for a year since my last relationship and even though I want to have a boyfriend, I think I need to focus on my education first and be successful because that's the most important goal for me right now! Hopefully, I meet a cool guy a long the way :-) xooxxoo

  5. Hi Dear! I'm having a really nice weekend-currently working on my blog posts and my next update is coming soon:) About relationship-well you can always have both things-boyfriend and great success it's all about balance and about being well organized. But never rush with anything:) I'm sure that you will get both soon:)xxx

  6. they are so gorgeous! I love the pic of Olivia in her apartment!

  7. I really love this girl too . She have an amazing style !

    Thank you so nmuch for your visit to my blog , that's so nice :)


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