Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Plain and Simple!

Hello again Guys,
How's your week so far? Mine is busy as usual and after my last friday event I still can't quite recover although the next one is comming very soon and It would be good to be fully charged by then! Because of the fact that I'm so busy at work I don’t care about the weather anymore and even when it rains I’m not bother! Anyway, I've spared couple of hours last weekend and went for a bit of shopping. Managed to get few little things and one of the bargains I brought home with me you can see on the photos here. Got myself this black, cute leggins from Zara with the adourable gold buttons on sides. The outfit I’m showing you guys today is my kind of 'every day' style I put on for work! Why's that? Because I quite like keeping things plain and simple! Simple doesn't necessary mean boring. Although the things I wear on the photos look kind of casual they are at the same time rather smart! Great combination for every occasion.This is all me! What do you think? Share your opinions with me and I'm waiting for any comments or word of advice! Would you rather wear it different or maybe you would add something to it?All comments appreciated!

 See you later!

Black tunic: H&M; Leggins: Zara; Bag: Mulberry; Necklace: brought from Gozo; bracelet: gifted; string clove bracelet: Apart; Ring: engagement ; shoes: Dorothy Perkins; Glasses: Ralph Lauren; Watch: Armani


  1. Hi Wiola! You look so chic in all black and it's a never-fail color! I love your shoes and your necklaces and bracelets are great accessories to add to your look! I wear all-black some days as well and I like to keep things interesting by wearing bright sandals or adding a statement accessory like a necklace or a bracelet. My day to day look is quite similar too although sometimes I can be a bit flamboyant and I like looking different. Thank you so much for always leaving me thoughtful comments!

  2. thank you so much Honey!I do agree with you about great accessories statement to add to any plain look/outfit! or shoes! I need to buy morenecklaces-topshop would be my favourite store to go...xxxx

  3. Love this look,hon!Especially the heels and the bag!xoxo

  4. Love your bag! Love the all black outfit. Very simple but still chic. Thanks soo much for commenting on my blog. I decided to follow yours. :)

  5. Thank you so much girls-means a lot to me:) xoxoxox


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