Sunday, 3 July 2011

Looking for glasses?

Source: google

Hi guys,
How was your weekend? Hope you had a nice and relaxing time! I took some time to sort out my wardrobe and gave few things to the local charity shop! Next weekend I would like to go for shopping as sale is now on everywhere! I have seen already on the internet couple of things I need to buy! One of them are new pair of glasses! I like them a bit heavy and oversized. Retro would be the style I will definitely look for. To get an inspiration I went on the internet and google few celebs. Here are some pictures I found-the first one are my favourite oneJ

Eva Longoria-source: Google

Source: (Emily Schuman)
Mylenee Klyess-source:Google
Alicia Keys-source: Google

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  1. Alicia Keys looks so adorable and pretty in her glasses! I've never worn them before but they can be so chic! My weekend was great, so relaxing and lots of food. Hope yours was amazing as well! xoxoxoo


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