Wednesday, 13 July 2011

London Quiz from our Sponsor!

Win three city walk iPhone applications to cities of your choice, courtesy of Correctly answer all ten questions about London below and e-mail them to for your chance to win. It's that simple. Good luck!

Quiz Questions.

Discover London

1.The city of London has gone through a variety of names during its history. How was London never called like?
A. Lundenwic
B. Lundenburg
C. Londenstadt
2. A culturally diverse and multi-ethnic city, London is home to people speaking over ___ languages.
A. 100
B. 300
B. 500
3. Which one of these fine gentlemen is not from London?
A. Francis Bacon
B. Jerry Springer
C. Liam Gallagher
4. The Queen's official residence, Buckingham Palace, was built in 1702 on the site of a notorious:
A. Circus
B. Theater
C. Brothel
5. London's perhaps most famous address has never actually existed. It is of course, the world known:
A. 221b Baker Street
B. 221b Lemon Street
C. 221b Plum Tree Lane
6. How many of UK's restaurants are located in London?
A. 16%
B. 26%
C. 36%
7. When was the Big Fire of London?
A. 1666
B. 1777
C. 1888
8. Which is the oldest bridge over the River Thames?
A. Westminster Bridge
B. Tower Bridge
C. London Bridge
9. What is the “London Eye” ?
A. A large telescope in the London observatory
B. A large ferris wheel operated by British Airways
C. The nickname of London’s police
10. Whose statue is placed in Kensington Gardens?
A. Winnie Pooh
B. Mickey Mouse
C. Peter Pan
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  1. Hi Wiola! How are you? I don't have an iphone so I'm going to have to pass this up sadly. Your comment makes me laugh because I didn't know interior designers have a certain look..I mean, I wouldn't be able to tell if someone is an interior designer just by their clothes. xxoxoxoo

  2. I'm still a bit sick but shoudl be fine by Monday! Well I always laugh about all these comments as well as I disagree that only people who are professional artists/creators got the certain look! :) xoxox


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