Thursday, 28 July 2011 my weekly rush...

What's up Ladies?!!!

Hope you are having good week.
Mine is very productive so far and full of exciting meetings and venue visits all over London. I’m so excited about my 2 upcoming projects and one of them is gonna be a Fashion Show! I’ve been asked to write up the event proposal for this particular one! I already did plenty of research and found and booked one stunning venue! Now I only need to put together hundred different bits and pieces into the final product and make it a success;)! Anyway, that’s pretty much all about this week work! Maybe only one thing worth mentioning. I’m having another quite important meeting tomorrow regarding this Fashion Show and I already started putting my outfit for this occasion. Here it is! Reckon I should be all right with that. Not too smart but hmm.. something... I would call it casual-smart which suits me well. Again, for me it's all about feeling comfortableJ and the rest should certainly be 'easy peasy'J

Take it easy girls and have a wonderful weekend!


T-shirt: GAP; trousers: Banana Republic; shoes: Bershka; necklace: gifted; Bag: Zara


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  2. Thank you Dear! Have a nice weekend too:) p.s. I don't know what is going on with my laptop today?

  3. Nice look,hon!Love the bag!

  4. Hi Wiola! I'm doing okay! Thank you for visiting me again! A fashion show?! Really? That sounds so exciting and fun! I would love to see the pieces you put together and I know it will be a huge success! Congratulations! I love your work outfits and this is one of my favorites! Best wishes on your meetings! Talk to you soon! xoxoxooo

  5. Thank you girls for such nice comments! xxx


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