Sunday, 26 June 2011

My mysterious holiday break ;)

Hi Lovely bugs!
I have just came back from my mysterious 'present holiday' given to me by my boyfriend. I had fabulous time! Look below and see couple of photos showing the place I was taken to with only a few of many outfits I was wearing there! It was so hard to choose what to wear on the day as the weather was almost unbearable! Hot, hot and sunny and no single cloud on the sky! For that reason most of the time I was wearing plain and rather basic clothes there although colours were also often considered! The reason of the trip was quite special-I went there as girlfriend and came back as fiance;).Can you believe that?! On the very evening that my boyfriend proposed to me I luckily put on my favourite gray dress from Gap which I reckon went well with the occasion. Its fabric felt so natural and soft which helped to cope with the temperature at this day and also nightJ I hope you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Gozo Island as much as I did! Anyway it’s good to be back in London and happily we do have the summer here as wellJ it’s soooo hot here today! Have a great week babes!

Hat & white skirt: H&M; grey dress; red tank, grey t-shirt: GAP; sandals: Topshop; bag: Zara;  sunglasses: Burberry; ring: engagement J


  1. Hi Wiola! Wow, the place looks incredible! It's so sweet of your boyfriend to surprise you like that! And you got engaged too!? That's so romantic! Congratulations!! :-) xoxoxoo

  2. Beautiful pics!I bet you had so much fun!Love your outfits!xoxo

  3. Thank you so much sweeties :) xxx

  4. Hi Wiola! Thank you for sharing your experience with me because I'm seriously considering leaving my job and I'm so tired of people that I worked with. Your comment makes me feel like everything is possible too! I need to gather up my courage to actually follow through! xoxooxo

  5. Hi Wiola! Thank you for your sweet comment! I'll consider making tea but most people at my work just drink coffee! Wishing you a wonderful long weekend! xoxoxoo


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