Sunday, 12 June 2011

Festival time

Hi lovely bugs,
As promised,  here are some photos of my festival outfit! Well, actually I could easily wear it today-rains all day and I doubt that I will see any sunny spells by the end of the day! But let’s go back to my outfit. I don’t know how it is in country you are from girls but here in UK when you are at the festival HUNTER wellies are definite MUST have! Seriously, almost every single girl and recently more and more guys wear them! I decided to match my aubergine Hunters with the white skirt and Zara knit which I reckon go well together.And don't forget to take with you warm welly socks in case it will get cold in the evening. I only hope that the weather will be better than today…
                                       Rain, rain go away…come back another dayJ

  Wellies: Hunter; knit and bag: Zara; skirt and hat: H&M; socks and tank top: Gap; ring and pearls: Topshop: necklace: gifted

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