Sunday, 26 June 2011

My mysterious holiday break ;)

Hi Lovely bugs!
I have just came back from my mysterious 'present holiday' given to me by my boyfriend. I had fabulous time! Look below and see couple of photos showing the place I was taken to with only a few of many outfits I was wearing there! It was so hard to choose what to wear on the day as the weather was almost unbearable! Hot, hot and sunny and no single cloud on the sky! For that reason most of the time I was wearing plain and rather basic clothes there although colours were also often considered! The reason of the trip was quite special-I went there as girlfriend and came back as fiance;).Can you believe that?! On the very evening that my boyfriend proposed to me I luckily put on my favourite gray dress from Gap which I reckon went well with the occasion. Its fabric felt so natural and soft which helped to cope with the temperature at this day and also nightJ I hope you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Gozo Island as much as I did! Anyway it’s good to be back in London and happily we do have the summer here as wellJ it’s soooo hot here today! Have a great week babes!

Hat & white skirt: H&M; grey dress; red tank, grey t-shirt: GAP; sandals: Topshop; bag: Zara;  sunglasses: Burberry; ring: engagement J

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Skirting my wardrobe

I'd like to dedicate this post to my lovely mum as I know that she follows my blog and keeps on checking it every day even though she doesn’t understand a single word of it but I know how much she enjoys watching my pictures insteadJ  
…and I would also like to thank  my other half for all he had done for me …won’t go into the details assuming that he knows exactly what I mean by that ;) I love him so much that it almost hurts…I love to spend every single day with him, every morning, every night…and I love when he calls me ‘my girl’Jor ‘my flower’…It's so adorable!
…I think It's time now to get to the true subject of this post and there it is J!
 I really like they way how easy it is to match white skirts with any t-shirts or tops! You won't believe if I tell you but this one here is actually my first skirt of this color but I'm already planning to get myself many more before summer is gone, especially that the trend of whites and nudes keeps coming back every year and I am sure that there will be plenty of occasions to wear them again in a few next comming years. I must confess that I’m not very ‘skirty/dressy‘ person but there is no argue that skirts play an important role in every girl wardrobe! What I like the most about skirts is their easiness of matching it with other parts of garment which is almost limitless. You can mix it with wide range of tops and t-shirts and it does not matter whether they are short, long or maxi floor sweeping –they all go well with anthing you put it together with!

        Skirt: H&M; tank top & wrap cardigan: GAP; socks: River Island; Shoes: Topshop: necklace: Dorothy Perkins and Topshop

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Festival time

Hi lovely bugs,
As promised,  here are some photos of my festival outfit! Well, actually I could easily wear it today-rains all day and I doubt that I will see any sunny spells by the end of the day! But let’s go back to my outfit. I don’t know how it is in country you are from girls but here in UK when you are at the festival HUNTER wellies are definite MUST have! Seriously, almost every single girl and recently more and more guys wear them! I decided to match my aubergine Hunters with the white skirt and Zara knit which I reckon go well together.And don't forget to take with you warm welly socks in case it will get cold in the evening. I only hope that the weather will be better than today…
                                       Rain, rain go away…come back another dayJ

  Wellies: Hunter; knit and bag: Zara; skirt and hat: H&M; socks and tank top: Gap; ring and pearls: Topshop: necklace: gifted

Saturday, 11 June 2011

My first jumpsuit!

Hey Girls!
Look what I've got here! Got myself a jumpsuit! Can't believe that I bought one for myself! This isn't really my style but actually I like it very much and even think it doesn't look that bad on me:) Tell you that I like it so much that I'm already looking for the another one! It's going to be black and less sporty this time as I need something to wear at work! Anyway jumpsuit is another of my 'must have' this summer and I'm telling you lovely bugs these things are so comfy! Well,certainly  the one I'm wearing on the photos here. Can't wait now to go on holiday (it's in forthnight by the way) and wear it all over again ;) Have a lovely weekend and keep on checking my blog as next time I'm gonna show you my 'festival' kind of outfit! Yeah, the Glastonbury festival is starting soon and it's time now to get ready and dress for the occassion!

Take it easy babes!

Jumpsuit, belt, bangle, necklace: H&M; wedges: Dorothy Perkins; Glasses: Ralph Lauren