Friday, 20 May 2011

Wear Designer But Never Pay Full Price!

With the economic crisis today and the recession touching almost every part of the world discount shopping has a major advantage! It's cool and trendy to hunt for bargains! It's the buzz of buying something for less-it feels so liberating! I remember the time when I moved into London and just got mad about all the shops on the highstreet! Having my boyfriend's credit card in my wallet I didn't even think about paying full price for things I like, but now it is all about getting good deal! I still cannot afford to pay full price for Marc Jacobs dress and there is no guilt attached when I know I can have it for 60% less of the orginal price!
So here are my best places to buy a high fashion items for much, much less!

1) The Outnet: Tuesday is their big day of uploading new items but you need to be quick and log on early as the hottest pieces go fast! On Fridays they offer an extra discout for group of items!
2) Charity shops (second hand shops): If you like vintage style this kind of shops are best for you! But do remember-always ask what days they have new delivery! Usually the best day to hit charity/second hand shops is Tuesday morning as all items are sorted over the weekend break! Check out the men's section as well as you don’t even realize what sort of clothes you might find there! Some charity shops often have their own websites where you can shop on-line! Good luck!

3) Auctions: Keep checking websites like eBay outlet or Allegro all over the world! Don’t waste time looking at auctions closing at lunchtime as most people will shop at this time and the competition will be high! You may find vintage designer pieces on French or German sites! Carefully check also all spellings as sometime people may spell the name  of the brand wrong and you can get a fab item that others had missed!

4) Flash sale websites like You have to register yourself to gain the access to this fantastic auctions! Sales start usually at noon and sometime you may only have a couple of minutes to check out and grab the desired stuff!

5) Shopping abroad: do it either on-line or book yourself cheap flight in advance for seasonal sales! Asos, for instance, is great to look at as you can get there almost anything you need and often they offer free delivery to most European countries! Notice that many shops in western countries are much cheaper than the eastern ones (i.e. Zara, Mango, Topshop or Gap) so it is sometime worth comming over to shop in London or New York than to do it in Poland or Germany!

That's all from me for now but please do get in touch if you have any other tips or word of advice about smart way of shopping and please share it with us!

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