Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Last week notes...

My tendency when things get frantic is to go a little crazy, leading to the sort of unfortunate spiral where you realize you haven't eaten or showered in a week.
I've been trying to change the pattern by instituting a new rule - when you have twenty things to do and only enough time to do half of them, bath first with a glass of wine, then eat something, then proceed to your task list. But it's not always that simlpe as it sound:)
 While my job was keeping me busy there was no time to take a deep look into my closet and think: what to wear/what to avoid!
Therefore I usually go for the quick, comfy look-read: my favourite pair of jeans!
This one as seen on my pictures are from Topshop and they are like a second skin! I love, love jeans and if I could only afford it I will buy every single style what Topshop has got in offer!
Seriously for me this is the best place to shop for a perfect pair that won't destroy your wallet:)
I will write more about jeans in my future posts.
In a mean time my next story will be about few tricks how to shop designers items for the price of highstreet!

Blazer: Uniqlo; Top and belt H&M; necklace & jeans Topshopbooties Office ; bag Whistles; braclets gifted; watch Emporio Armani; glasses Ralph Lauren        

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  1. Kochana, świetnie się prezentujesz, a marynarkę chętnie bym Ci zabrała :D


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